How is the treatment procedure.

Before the appointment of treatment, the ophthalmologist conducts a detailed examination of the eyes and confirms the diagnosis.
This is a very important stage of treatment, since various diseases and even their different stages make adjustments to the procedure
for the preparation of cells and the procedure for their administration.
For regenerative therapy, no hospital stay is required. The procedure itself is performed on an outpatient basis and takes 10 to 12 hours.
Under local anesthesia, bone marrow sampling is performed.
On the same day, the material is sent to a specialized laboratory, where for several hours a group of cellular biologists make a transplant
isolates and concentrates stem cells.
On the same day, in the operating room, the ophthalmologist replaces the drug in the critical areas of the eye. From the operating room the
patient is moved to the ward and after discharge is discharged.
In the evening, after the examination, the patient leaves home until the next stage of treatment.
The interval between the stages is always determined individually and is 3-6 months.
The effect of regenerative therapy is usually cumulative, which allows to increase the intervals between the stages of treatment.
Part of the cells are stored in the laboratory for cultivation and fabrication of a cell transplant with other desired properties for use in the following procedure.

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